Be someone who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow


Are you looking for a truly meaningful gift? One that is bound to become a cherished belonging of the person you give it to? Is it important to you that your gift creates a heart-to-heart connection? Great! Because that is why we developed the Connecting Stories concept: an especially designed and unique gift collection that is all about creating stories and connecting!


At Connecting Stories, we are convinced that personal connection is what brings meaning and happiness into our lives. We are also convinced that at the heart of every carefully selected gift lies a story creating exactly this personal connection. That is why we made it our mission to create a growing collection of stories that connect us all.


Each and every one of the gifts out of our unique collection has been especially made, selected and handled with love and the greatest care. That way, for every single one of our gifts, a special story has already begun. The rest of the stories that go with our unique gifts, however, will be yours to tell…


We want as many people as possible going through life feeling happy and balanced. And since we are convinced that truly connecting with those around you is the key to experiencing those moments of happiness, we asked Nathalie Arteel – award-winning Entrepreneur and International Recognition Expert – to help us develop our unique Connecting Stories concept.